Molon Lave Taverna

Authentic Greek Restaurant


Molon Lave Taverna is a small Authentic Greek Restaurant located in Scarborough, Ontario. Officially opened on August 14, 2020 and based on the Spartan epic saying "MOLON LAVE" which means "come and get it", Molon Lave's mission is to celebrate and share Greek cuisine and culture 'taverna' style.



Logo Design and Development
Logo Development

A logo incorporating a fork upside down in the shape of a warrior's helmet, and a font that represents something legendary. Since there are a lot of dishes cooked on charcoal and on the spit, we use the yellow to signify the color of fire.

Aug 2020
Business Card Design
Business Card

A simple horizontal (landscape) business card with the logo at the front and contact information at the back using a "less is more" approach.

Aug 2020
Web Design and Development, Domain Names, Email Setup, Web Hosting
Domain Name, Web Hosting, Email Setup, Web Development

Developed an organized website for this Dine-In establishment that takes into consideration everyone. Meat Lovers, Pescetarians, Vegetarians, Vegans, Seafood lovers; you name it. The website also provides a wishlist for guests to navigate through the website and select the food they are planning on ordering. A truly handy tool especially for large groups and families with children. For customers who are not familiar with many of the dishes, a tool that suggests complimentary dishes acts as a waiter to help the visitor prepare a meal that matches their taste palate.

Oct 2020
Development of Marketing Material
Dine-In Menu

An elegant leather hard cover menu with the logo embossed at the from. Simple "less is more" white pages with black font.

Oct 2020