The Electrical Doctor

Electrical Contractor


Fully Insured and Licensed Master Electrician, as well as an ECRA/ESA Electrical Contractor, The Electrical Doctor has the experience, resources, skillset, and manpower to safely handle your inquiry. Ken is also a participant, in good standing, of the Electrical Safety Authority’s “Approved Contractor Program”.



Logo Design and Development
Logo Development

Typically when you hear of an electrician you think of a thunderbolt and when you see a hard hat you think of a safety. When we set out to design this logo we knew it would be a challenge since the thunderbolt is used widely. Electricity within our home or any building envelope starts from the electrical panel. In developing the logo for The Electrical logo we took all this into consideration and finally created the concept. Back plate with a screw in each corner signifies a metallic electrical panel tag. Thunderbolt on top of the hardhat signifies safety, while the two symbols together are meant to symbolize an electrical contractor. Due to its pointy edges, the font was selected to complement the pointy edges of the thunderbolt.

Nov 2015
Business Card Design
Business Card

Designed a two-sided, horizontal (landscape) business card with metallic background on both sides. Logo and credentials on the front, and services at the back. The catch phrase "you deserve a second opinion" was integrated on both sides.

Dec 2015
Web Design and Development, Domain Names, Email Setup, Web Hosting
Domain Name, Web Hosting, Email Setup, Web Development

Developed an informational website that is organized via fifteen key services. Each service is linked to carefully selected related pages so that the visitor is fully informed to ask the right questions and prepared to give answers on discussing a potential project.

Feb 2016
The Electrical Doctor Facebook Page
Facebook Page Creation

Set up Facebook page to match the The Electrical Doctor brand. The facebook page is managed by The Electrical Doctor staff members.

Jul 2015
Development of Marketing Material
Van Wrap Design
Design of a Moving Billboard

Our first and ONLY van wrap design turned a white van into a moving billboard.

Jul 2013