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Royal Antique Rugs: We've crafted a rich digital showcase, spotlighting a curated collection of rugs, each with its own story, hailing from global regions like Afghan, Anatolian, and Turkish to name a few. Dive deep into our array, which spans distinctive pieces from Chinese, European, Moroccan and beyond. Visitors can curate their favorites in a personalized wishlist, streamlining their communication with the Royal Antique Rugs team. Beyond their origin, each rug on our platform comes detailed with attributes: from price and availability to its material, age, and unique identifiers.
Project Link: Coming March 1, 2024
Sam Chemical Specialties: We've unveiled an online product catalogue meticulously segmented into eighteen (18) distinct divisions, showcasing the vast range of maintenance and cleaning products under SAM's banner. This includes everything from Automotive & Fleet Products to Touchless Dispensers and the unique Quad Squad. Beyond just products, our digital space also offers key services like Warewash & Kitchen Maintenance and Dilution Control & Proportioning. For added convenience, each product is paired with its respective SDS sheet, ensuring all vital information is just a click away.
Project Link: Coming March 1, 2024
Greektown: We've meticulously crafted a website with everyone in mind — from Meat Lovers to Vegans and everyone in between. One standout feature is the wishlist, enabling guests to curate their culinary journey with ease. This is especially valuable for larger gatherings and families with diverse preferences. Additionally, for those feeling adventurous or unfamiliar with certain dishes, our smart recommendation tool serves up complementary dish suggestions, ensuring a meal that tantalizingly aligns with their taste buds.
Link to Test Server: Coming March 1, 2024
Colleen Emmerson: Colleen's website has been seamlessly integrated with DDF®, offering access to the most expansive collection of listings from REALTORS® across Canada. These listings are refreshed in real-time, ensuring accuracy and up-to-date information. This trusted platform, used by major corporations like Microsoft and TD Bank, not only guarantees precision but also prioritizes security in all real estate data.The Realtor Feed has been a partnership between GITER & AARU CANADA.
Project Link: Visit Colleen Emmerson, Realtor© A comprehensive database website that features the majority of businesses and organizations in Kingston. Beyond just basic listings, the platform also showcases current news feeds, community connections, the latest business entries, and trending categories. Each individual listing provides essential details like business name, location, contact data, web address, and its specific category. This project has been a partnership between GITER & BHG DESIGNS and is currently under revision for expired listings.
Project Link: Visit